In addition to the necessary promotion of gender equality, LEYGATECH shares 4 main values with his teams: Conquering spirit, agility, benevolence, and innovation are the company’s DNA.

Gender Equality Index

This index set up by the French government aims to measure wage gap between women and men. This year, Leygatech get the score 93/100.

4 criteria are used to assess inequalities between women and men in the workplace:

  • The pay gap between women and men in comparable positions and age groups 
  • The difference in the distribution of individual raises 
  • The number of female employees who received a raise on their return from maternity leave 
  • The number of women represented among the 10 highest pay 

LEYGATECH is committed to a policy of gender equality, which is achieved through:

  • Recruitment, in order to ensure the equal treatment of applications without any discriminatory measures.

  • Training, in order to give all employees same opportunities to develop their skills.

  • Remuneration, in order to ensure an equivalent level of pay between women and men with similar skills, training and experience

  • Career management, in order to guarantee women and men same opportunities for advancement and the same access to posts of responsibility.


Moreover, as a further proof that equality between women and men, beyond the law, is a major concern for LEYGATECH, we have invested heavily in our new site in Yssingeaux in order to increase the number of women in extrusion jobs.

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