LEYGATECH has been ISO 14001 certified since 2005! This proactive, ambitious, and long-term commitment is applied on a daily basis through the application of environmental good practices.

Some of our actions to be “always greener, always more responsible”:

  • Replacing motors of our old machines with new ones, allowing us to reduce our energy consumption by half. Savings are even better with the lamp replacement work we do.
  • Independent energy production thanks to 1600m² of photovoltaic panels placed on the roof of our St Romain Lachalm site, which provides energy equivalent to 100 households.
  • Joining the CleanSweap program, in which we commit to not release any plastic pellets into the environment. Thanks to the implementation of strict cleaning procedures and the presence of a filter upstream from our wastewater disposal, we are proud to protect the environment from any form of pollution related to our raw materials.
  • Sorting of post-consumer waste from our employees in their lunchroom. To this end, we have provided specific bins that enable our employees to carry out national sorting instructions in their workplace and to adopt a socially responsible behaviour.
  • Sorting of industrial waste. At LEYGATECH, everything is sorted, first and foremost: plastic. All waste is identified and recovered in order to reduce landfilling as much as possible.
  • 88% of our printing ink are water-based to limit the production of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)! This is clearly a real technical challenge, but it has been overcome in order to offer a more virtuous model to our customers.
  • Providing 4 electric recharging stations for employees who use electric vehicles.
  • Presence of oil filters. Our sites are equipped with devices to separate rainwater from hydrocarbons that may have been mixed in by the presence of vehicles on our parking, before they are poured into the common rainwater collection system.
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