LEYGATECH has been engaged, for several years now in a vast program of innovation focused on the recyclability of its materials: mono-material and barrier films with a wide range of functionalities, eco-designed, bio-based, recycled, or compostable. To support its research, LEYGATECH relies on a network of partners with specific and complementary expertise.

ELIPSO is the trade association representing manufacturers of rigid and flexible plastic packaging in France. It supports more than 100 member companies and implements concrete actions to ensure the growth of the packaging market and to offer innovative, eco-friendly, recyclable, safe and practical packaging solutions that comply with requirements and standards of the European Union.

ALLIZE-PLASTURGIE is a professional union for plastics and composites industry. Close to companies through its regional network, ALLIZE-PLASTURGIE acts and mobilizes its expertise and networks to feed the strategic and operational thinking of its 900 or so members.

MATERIAUTECH helps to choose materials, put suppliers in contact, search for substitute materials, grant access to the GEMS materials database listing more than 1000 material samples, provide process support (more than 40 processes). MATERIAUTECH, a department of ALLIZE-PLASTURGIE, provides its technical expertise to industries, research departments, and designers in their innovation issues.

EUROSAC, the European Federation of Multiwall Paper sack Manufacturers, promotes professional and economic interests of its industry, monitors packaging legislation and provides various services to its members.

PLASTIPOLIS is a plastics and composites cluster, supporting the technological projects of its members in terms of agro-materials & biodegradable materials, new materials for complex systems, eco-design and recyclability and other advanced processes with high added value.

ESEPAC: LEYGATECH regularly welcomes students from the European school of Packaging (ESEPAC), for site visits but also as part of their work-linked training course, in order to enable them to deepen their knowledge and immerse themselves in new technologies.

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