Barrier film for direct use

Ecoconception, recycling… it’s now the priorities of packaging, but we don’t forget the properties that the packaging need!
In 2020, LEYGATECH was develop more of eco circulary solutions.

LEYGATECH propose now a full PE film with barrier : BAR 151 H3
This is a mono-material film for Flowpack, Doypack, lids, or vacuum packaging for direct use!
If it’s mono-matérial, it’s 100% recyclable.
Our film offer low sealing temperature with a thermical delta and it’s possible to printing outside
There are differents barrier to gas and water vapor

BAR 151 H3:

Need just one film => Costs saving
A lighter packaging => Reduced the carbon footprint 
EVOH hickness under 5% => 100% recyclable


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