Leygatech partnership

Competitive cluster


Leygatech takes part in common works on the DifexBio project which aims to offer packaging for food sector and biodegradable products, as defined in the ISO 13432 standard.

LEYGATECH takes part in 1 competitiveness clusters :

















ELIPSO : ELIPSO is the professional association representing manufacturers of plastic and flexible packaging in France.





Allizé Plasturgie : Allizé-Plasturgie (Alliance Eastern part of plastics processing) is an interregional Union of the plastics industry composed of seven regional trade unions.






Matériautech : The Matériautech is a space dedicated to innovation (plastics and composites) destined for industrialists, consulting engineers, designers and all those looking for new solutions. It is a service of the Allizé-plasturgie industry, an interregional Union of plastics processing, comprising of more than 900 adherents. It values the plastics and composites through a reference sample called GEM® designed to help you choose materials and process choice (more than 40 primary process and second process).