Corporate Social Responsibility approach

Being commited to a policy of social responsibility is our advantage conduit to performance.

We are commited to an approach of social responsibility guiding our actions around economic, environmental and social aspects.

As a major player in plastic packaging, we forcefully carrying out our social commitment



Environmental and social responsibility


Leygatech is a company located in the countryside, it is the largest economie-circulaire-covercompany in its employment area and therefore has a duty to integrate into the social life of the city and must participate in the harmonious development of its biotope. It needs to be attentive and must be open to everyone and especially school explaining the nature of its profession.  And this especially relevant because of the nature of our productions, exacerbated their environmental sensitivity.

That is why we have more than one internal social policy enfore. Leygatech helps or cares for many associations in the realisation of their projects, Leygatech welcomes many locals students in internship or company visits. And is associated with numerous collaborative projects or educational initiatives.

Because of our profession, the plastics industry is often ostracized. It was our wish very early on in 2004, to acquire an environmental certification of our company and we have worked strongly to make the production of our films as respectful of The environment as possible. Committed to a long time in an ecodesign approach, we are now working on the recyclability of our products and on alternative biodegradable materials.

Leygatech is proud to partner with its customers and suppliers to identify ways to reduce its environmental footprint throughout the packaging supply chain.

Our R&D develop packaging solutions use less material while providing protective barriers that support the quality that our consumers expect and the medical and food industry requirements. To do this, Leygatech offers a new range of ecological, biobased, recycled and biodegradable films.



Leygatech, member of Clean Sweep









Leygatech wants to evolve while preserving the environment. For this reason we became a member of the Clean Sweep Association.

Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) is an international program designed to prevent the loss of plastic pellets throughout their handling time by the different sectors within the plastic industry and their dissemination in the aquatic environment.

Leygatech, concerned with the environment, is committed to fight against loss of pellets within the environment. Our company wants to help preserve the quality of the water and preserve the wildlife. For this, we have implemented multiple measures:

• Implementation of a system for removing pellets releases into storm water culverts.

• Recovery of pellets on the ground. No landfilling activity

• Staff awareness of their ecological responsibility and behaviour thanks to annual training session.

• Maximize storage in silos to limit the use of “fragile” bags.

• Waterproofing of loading/unloading areas, where losses are inevitable, to facilitate cleaning.

• Procedure requiring carriers to clean their trailer to avoid pellets losses in the environment.



Leygatech promotes the professional integration of students




Leygatech helps students in their professional intergration and career guidance. Leygatech welcomed 10 trainees and 5 students, who where on sandwich courses in 2018.

Its first responsibility and concerning to its trainees, is to welcome them into the best possible conditions in order to facilitate their integration and their possiblities to success.







Leygatech sharing


Leygatech considers it is essential to be involved with the subjects of society. For example, Leygatech sponsors :Un-monde-de-partage

• Hauts-plateaux Rugby Club

• Yssingelais Dolphin Swimming Club

• AS Riotord Football Club

• Basketball club of Dunieres

• Yssingeaux Dance School

• Bas en Basset Volleyball Club

• Coutenson Golf from Bas to Basset

• Golène evasion Moutain bike club from Sainte Sigolene

• Hillclimb of Dunieres

Leygatech is a historic partner of the Yssingeaux Laughter Festival.